5 of the Most Amazing Magic Tricks Ever

Every feat of magic has a logical explanation behind it – a secret if you will. However, there are illusions that are so spell-binding, so difficult to understand that a logical explanation remains elusive to the general public. Well, here are some of the most amazing magic tricks that have ever been performed and that have baffled the general public to this day.

  • Levitation: Levitation is the stock-in-trade of many magicians. This particular illusion goes back as far as anyone can recall but it is usually performed in a controlled environment e.g., a stage. Street magicians like me face the challenge of performing our illusions in environments that we do not completely control. Well, one of the most impressive acts of levitation ever was performed by Chris Angel. He levitated just a few feet away from the audience- in public – leaving the onlookers clueless as to how he did it.
  • Cyril Takayama: Taking His Head Off: One of this illusionist signature tricks is when he removes his head in public. This one always confounds and in some cases terrifies spectators as this feat is usually performed in public in front of an unsuspecting crowd.
  • Frozen on ice for over 60 hours: David Blaine’s “Frozen in Time” was performed on November 27, 200 amidst a New York audience in Time Square. Blaine stood encased in a huge block of ice for 63 hours, 42 minute and 15 seconds while the public feared for this life. Eventually he was removed from his icy imprisonment with chainsaws. Blaine later said in an interview that it was some times before he could walk and that he would never perform this stunt again.
  • Vanishing of the Statue of Liberty: In 1983 David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear on live television. Additionally, Copperfield pointed searchlights to the empty pace to show that there was nothing blocking the public view of where the statue was supposed to be.magic
  • Swallowed a Jackhammer: Many magicians have “swallowed” swords a part of their magic act. However, illusionist Thomas Blackthorne added a twist to this magic standard. He swallowed a running jackhammer as part of his act. Ouch!

Simply put, magic is about presentation and creativity. It is about what the mind thinks and knows is possible and what the eye actually sees. Expanding these boundaries is what close up magicians in NYC do every day. My mentalist show in NYC will leave you baffled and amazed as all good magic should.


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