7 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Are Magicians

Ordinary people are not the only ones who are fascinated with magic. Celebrities have throughout history been just as fascinated by sleight of hand, mentalism and strolling magic as the rest of us. So, here’s my list of 7 current (and past) celebrities that have done or currently do perform magic:

  • Steve Martin: Funnyman Steve Martin is not only a brilliant comic and a virtuoso banjo player, he is also a skilled magician. In fact, Martin started his career as a magician working at Disneyland. Today, Martin is still quite adept at performing cards tricks.
  • Neil Patrick Harris: This consummate performer is an amateur magician who loves to perform in front of crowds or in private among his friends. He is also the past president of Magic Castle in Hollywood and proudly supports off Broadway magic shows.
  • Rick Moranis: Canadian born comedic actor and musician Rick Moranis is also a competent magician. However, this is no surprise. There has long been a link between comedy and magic. Levity helps put audiences at ease as the magician practices his/her craft.
  • Jason Alexander: This Seinfeld star has performed magic on stage and has had a passion for magic ever since he was a teenager.
  • Johnny Carson: The once “King of Late Night” was an avid fan of magicians and a long time amateur magician himself. He frequently performed feats of magic on his late night program which ran from 1962 – 1992 and enjoyed having magicians as guests on his show.
  • Muhammad Ali: Arguably the greatest boxer of all time, Ali loved to perform magic and was amused and entertained by those who made magic their career.
  • Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter is fascinated by magic. Radcliffe is also, on occasion, a performing magician as well as a talented actor.neil patrick harris

While I can’t promise that any of the above celebrities will show up at any of my appearances, I can guarantee that you will be fascinated and thrilled by my feats. As a Manhattan mentalist my challenge is also to perplex you and to make you reconsider how you perceive the world we live in. As a strolling magician I have performed in front of common, everyday people and the rich and famous as well. I know that celebrities, just like us appreciate this glimpse into another way of perceiving reality.


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