6 Tips for Throwing a Magical Halloween Party

Magicians like me are in pretty heavy demand on Halloween as this day and magic just naturally go together. Another thing that naturally goes with Halloween is parties for both for kids and adults. But how do you make your party spooktacular without coming off as being lame? Here, are some valuable tips I’ve picked up over the years that will guarantee a great time for all.

  • Hire a magician or Manhattan mentalist: Scary costumes, decorations and ghosts stories are all fine for creating the eerie mood that is a natural part of the holiday. However, why not add some real mystery to the occasion? Why not add an element to the festivities that cannot be explained with crepe paper, fake spider webs, etc. (Incidentally, you may wish to use fake webbing sparingly since it is usually quite flammable.) This is where I come in. I will work to truly capture and add to the magic and mystery that is Halloween.
  • Send physical mail and email invites early: Send out both snail mail and E-vites to your friends and do so early. Undoubtedly, a great many of your friends will have receive invitations from others so you want yours to be uppermost in their minds. You also want time to plan the venue, book the talent (me), etc.
  • Decide whether your party will be child-friendly: Deciding this well in advance will determine the themes you choose, the tone of your party and the kind of entertainment you will book. Also, knowing this kind of thing well in advance will prevent your party from creating awkward moments for the guests.
  • Hash out the parking situation: Consider hiring a valet parking service and making sure that the venue you choose will be safe so that guest will be at ease. It is very hard to enjoy yourself at such events when are worrying about your car being ticketed, towed away or stolen. This is a helpful tip whether you are scheduling a Halloween party or a magician cocktail hour
  • Decorate! Be as creative as you can with decorations. One way to get ideas for your party decorations is to look on sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.halloween
  • Scheme a theme: Although this is optional, a theme will help give your party some continuity and help guests know what to wear and bring to the occasion. You can use movies, cartoons, etc as themes.

Follow these tips to throw an amazing Halloween party! However, no matter what you do, your friends will certainly appreciate the effort you took to put it together especially if you hire entertainment that can engage and amaze the attendees.


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