Reasons to Hire a Close up Magician for Your Corporate Event

Corporate parties give business owners an opportunity to increase bonds betweens employees, make connections with entities outside the company and enlighten and entertain the invited guests. Thus, corporate events are a whole different species of animal than a regular party. For this reason, the entertainment should be special. It should be something that fulfills all the above goals of such gatherings and more. Few forms of entertainment do that as effectively as magic and close up magic in particular. Below are the top reasons companies hire magicians for their corporate parties:

  • Helps generate new prospects: You want to make sure that the attendees who do not work for your company come back as leads. One way to do this is if they are well taken care of and thoroughly entertained at your corporate event. A magician can acts as a kind of an ambassador for your company by bringing together your staff and all invited guest.
  • Creates custom illusions and programs: Your corporate event should stand out above others especially if it is for a grand opening or new venture. A magician can help by creating a truly unique experience for all who are in attendance. Close up magicians like me, create events that are unique even among magician ensuring that all who are at your party will talk about your gathering for some time to come.
  • Magicians help team building: One of the main functions of many corporate parties is to build a sense of camaraderie among workers. Magicians do the same thing when they engage all in the audience to become participants. A strolling magician like me does this every day on the streets of Manhattan and other places. If we can create this sense of a shared experience among strangers imagine what we can do for people who already work together.
  • Helps break the ice: Some corporate events contain lectures or presentations that tend to be serious. A show as given by a Manhattan mentalist may be just what your gathering needs to help inject laughter and fun back into it after such a presentation.
  • It creates conversation among guests: Magicians like me are experts at getting people to mingle and at breaking up awkward silences that may plague many events.corporate event

In short, if you want to make your corporate event more interesting, memorable and unique then hire a close up magician. It’s a great investment that can pay huge dividends by creating business contacts and in helping your company in its team building efforts. Moreover, hiring a close-up magician is more affordable than you might imagine. So, if you need a professional, corporate magician for your event fill out the contact form on my site and I will get back to you right away.


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