Three Reason People Love and are Fascinated by Magic

In this world where there are countless entertainment options for people to turn to, magic still holds itself against any of these other choices. It is the one performing art that is sure to be a part of just about any talent show, pageants or other competition. It has been the subject of many movies and TV shows and specials and a magic kit is one of the items people still give their children even in this high tech, mobile world we live in. Why is this? It is quite simple really. We humans are fascinated with magic. We want to believe in the impossible and desire that our skepticism about the world around us be challenged. Psychologists who have researched magic and the fascination it provokes in audiences have drawn these conclusions as to why we love magic and those whose job it is to trick our senses.

  • Magic fulfills our desire to feel a sense of wonder: We had it as children and all too often we lose it as adults. We are referring to our sense of wonder at what is possible. Consider how, for example, many of us had imaginary friends and were able to concoct vivid fantasies surrounding common objects like boxes, trees, etc. A part of us wants to rekindle this kind of innocence that we have traded way for the skepticism of adulthood. Magic addresses, if only temporarily, this desire. The best magicians in NYC do this.
  • Magic is part our everyday life: There are many events in life that remained unexplained despite our technologically advanced society such as UFOs, crop circles, ghost sightings, mysterious disappearances, etc. Magic falls within these kinds of occurrences. Unlike the previous examples, we know that in the end a simple explanation awaits us.magic
  • We are drawn to the unexplained: We are fascinated by things that seem to deny explanation. In other words, we love a great mystery. For this reason, magicians are so guarded when it comes to revealing how their tricks are being done.

Finally, magic is among the oldest and most respected of the performing arts. It is featured on TV, in theaters, movies, on stage and nearly everywhere else people gather seeking amusement. Therefore it takes a special person to add something new and fresh to this art that has been around for countless centuries. The close-up magic of my act provides spectators with that difference. People who have seen countless magic acts and have grown cynical of the tricks of other magicians are fascinated, stymied by my very personal brand of magic. I am one of the NYC magicians that still believe that people remain connected to the joy and wonder of childhood.


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